My Philosophy

Our goal at My Little Prince Childcare is to provide a safe, healthy and nurturing environment where your Little Prince(ss) feels at home and at the same time learns through playing as s/he grows.

  • I believe in helping all children to develop self-esteem and confident while respecting others and to strengthen the child's sense of identity.

  • I believe in individual attention to avoid any attention deficit, which is the major cause of many problems in teen-age years. (Parents sometimes don’t realize the importance of special individual attention due to their daily busy schedules)

  • I believe in a healthy relationship between parents/guardians and the care giver for an instructive communication to provide a consistent environment for healthy growth.

  • I believe in child-oriented programs that allow each child to express his or her individual and unique personality.

  • I believe in creating a facility that equipped with high quality toys, art and learning materials, where kids can play, explore, and learn safely.

  • Children need to be exposed to different cultures and languages to be prepared for future globalized world.

  • I believe that Math and Science can be taught and learned at any age. But there is a very small window for teaching the children certain values and gives them the attention they need. Making up for those in older ages is very hard if not impossible. And those values and attentions are fundamental building stones for a solid and strong personality in future life.

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