About me and my background


Hi, My name is Homa. I have over 17 years of experience with children of all ages between one month and 6 years. I have studied Social Work with emphasize on Child Development in Frankfurt Germany.
I have never stopped learning by taking several relevant courses at Cañada and Foothill College and other educational institutions. My continuous education is in progress as you read this page. I enjoy participating in educational workshops and conferences regarding child development. I am very interested in new methods of child education and development in early ages (See My Philosophy).

I'm a member of several Child education organizations such as 4Cs and Sunnyvale Childcare Networking.

Working with children in early ages can be chalenging but it is also a rewarding experience.


B.S. in Child Development and Social Work from Frankfurt University in Germany
Multi lingual in English, German and Farsi


  • California Childcare license for 14 children
  • State of CA Commission on Teacher Credentialing
  • NAFCC Accreditation
  • Certificate for Accreditation/Quality improvement project in pursuit of NAFCC Accreditation 118 hours of training in different disciplines at Foothill and Canada College
  • Site Supervisor Permit from state of California
  • CCTC (California Commission on Teacher Credentialing)
  • CPR and first Aid Certified

MY Family

Now that you are considering a home-based childcare for your loved one, you may want to know about my household members too. Well, I live with my husband, a Computer Science engineer, whom I'm married back in Germany 22 years ago and our 16 years old son, who is a student at Palo Alto High (Paly). Their love for children is undeniable. Some of our children (that is what we call them) rest their head on my husband’s shoulder the same way they do on their Dad’s! Some of them don’t even want to leave when their parents come to pick them up! All that is due to endless and unconditional love they receive from all of us. Isn’t it all that matters in early childhood?!

One more thing ...

You will be family, once you join. We are still in contact with the very first childe who signed up with us many years ago. They always come back to us for visitation. That is why I have a very BIG family:o)

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